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Welcome to the Main Page of the Wiki, the headings below are accompanied by brief descriptions of what they mean, and a list of topics that fall under them.


Gods are divine beings of great power that can shape the world around them according to their whims. While much more powerful than any mortal, gods are not omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent.

The gods of the Playground.

Domain List.


Pantheons are groups of Gods that have banded together out of common interest, be it pragmatic, material, or otherwise. In a Pantheon, gods can use their combined power to increase the individual power of each member slightly. Pantheons are also a good source of allies, making them integral during any war between gods. Below are listed the known Pantheons of the world.


Avatars are beings of great power with a direct link to the Deity that created them. The degree to which their deity controls them is varied. Some Avatars are nothing more than husks to contain the consciousness of their creator, while others are beings with minds of their own who have been entrusted to enact the will of their maker. A list of known Avatars can be found below.


Creatures are animate beings capable of action that do not contain the essence of divinity. Monsters, Mortal Races, Animals, and Plants are all Creatures.


Mortals are those beings who would be suitable races for an average adventurer in D&D to be. Dwarves, Humans, Elves, and Halflings are all examples from various works of fiction. Below are listed the Mortal Races of the Playground.

Playable Races.


Monsters are powerful beings with varying degrees of intelligence and some degree of supernatural or fantastic power. Dragons, Angels, Giants, and Displacer Beasts are examples of Monsters in various works of fiction. Below are listed the Monstrous Races of the Playground.


Fauna are relatively normal, unintelligent, animals that inhabit the world. They can be taken from the real world, works of fiction, or made up, but they’re all relatively mundane and could probably evolve in real life.


Put simply, Flora are various kinds of plant life. From grass, to trees, to choker vines, to shambling mounds, all of them are flora.


Organizations are groups of mortals that band together because of a common cause, belief, or interest. They range from empires, to city-states, to small groups of adventurers, to multi-planar networks of agents. Below is a list of known Organizations.


Classes are the myriad sets of skills and abilities that set apart the exceptional members of society. They can be mundane or magical in nature, or even a mix of the two. Each class is relatively unique, with it’s own method of acquiring and utilizing it’s abilities. A list of all the classes that currently exist is linked to in this section header.


Concepts are ideas and principles that apply to the world, things like Souls, Interplanar Travel, and Sources of Magic are concepts. Below is a list of Concepts.

Languages and Scripts

Languages are ways for mortal beings to convey information between two minds, usually through speech. Scripts are ways of recording language so that two minds need not be directly speaking to one another to convey information. Below is a list of the known Languages.

Below is a list of the known Scripts.


Artifacts are objects of great power and consequence, created with vast amounts of power. An artifact often shapes the world around it as an echo of it’s creator’s whims. Below are listed the Artifacts that exist within the Playground.


Planes are otherworldly realms that exist in dimensions separate from the world that Zalsaram floats across. They can have many properties that are quite different than those of the Material Plane, and often are the source of supernatural phenomenon. Below are listed the various planes beyond the Material Plane that exist in the Playground.


Some locations are noteworthy by themselves. While many of this locations might be on the material plane some others might be in other planes. Below are listed various important places.

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