The Moon Pantheon

The Moon Pantheon is revered in the Moon (Neutral Ground)

Holy Symbol: Moon (Sphere) of Bismuth
Alignment: Neutral (with Caothic and Evil tendencies, due to Yhrzallus and Passaer respectively)
Holy Weapon: Moon (Bullet) of Bismuth

Main Gods
This are the gods forming the pantheon proper.

Other Gods
This gods while not being part of the Pantheon have either done actions in the past in favor of Neutral Grounders, thus gaining followers, or their own followers have ended in The Moon one way or another.

*Neutral Ground is to remain neutral, in both God conflicts and Mortal conflicts, if Neutral Ground as a faction is to intervene in any conflict it needs to do so as a mercenary faction or to defend itself. Mortal splinters can do as they please.
*Neutral Ground needs to be powerful enough to be able to enforce its neutrality. Neutral Ground values power, knowledge and wealth equally as one and the same thing. Major sources of power/knowledge/wealth are Secrets/Magic (from Yhrzallus), Truenaming (from Passaer) and Psionics/Gramarie (from Eucle).
*All citizens of Neutral Ground (from the youngest rustling to the eldest tree, from the least bogwart to the most powerful rakshasha) are valuable resources from Neutral Ground and are considered a part/extension of it.
*Dream Neutral Ground is an expansion of Neutral Ground and is to be deffended by all means necessary by the Pantheon’s deities.
*Combat between deities from the pantheon is forbidden. If a deity from the pantheon ends fighting another deity all pantheon deities are to provide aid to the best of their capabilities.
*Combat within/close to Neutral Ground is extremely frowned upon and should be avoided.
*All other divinities and mortal groups are to be initially approached amicably.
*Power and Knowledge must be earned, not inherited, at least not all at once or without proof that the heir to such a gift is worthy of it. To wish to be neutral, powerful and hold knowledge out of pure greed and hubris is a great offense to the power of the gods that blessed mortals with Neutral Ground
*Those who have disrespected the rule above belong to the madgod to punish as he sees fit during their natural lifespan.
*Another god in the pantheon may request that the mortal be spared, but only with permission of Yhrzallus.
*The only case in which a mortal may be spared despite the mad god’s denial after breaking his law is if all the other gods in the pantheon agree that said mortal is to be spared.

The Moon Pantheon

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