Ignus, The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame, The Mother of Making.



Played By Ralasha
Divine Rank 9 – Lesser Deity
Alignment Neutral Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol A woman wreathed in fire
Favoured Weapon Longhammer


Legacy Domain Elemental
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Renewal (The Forge)
Other Domains Fire (The Furnace) Light (Light), and Rune (Enchantment)

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Caster
Spell Pool 27
Combat Rating 14, 16 vs Chaos (11 Caster + 3 DCM)
Divine Combat Modifiers: {C} Elemental Savagery: Her hands burst aflame. Flames which she then hurls against her foes in combat, or which then cloak her weapon.
{C} Elemental Lord: Ignus is the first Elemental Lord known to exist. The Elemental Lord of Fire. Her fire burns with such heat it is even capable of putting out other fires through it’s sheer intensity.
{C} The Heart of Fire: Ignus is the heart of the elemental plane of fire. Not a thing easily combated against or with. As likely to burn an enemy, as the one using it.
{H} Elemental Indignation: Ignus hates the Chaotic Elements of the world. They have taken enough from her already.


Utility Artifacts Ignus’ Hammer: (Educate Populace) A staff with a hammer head on one end, the other end pointy, and looking to be a carving tool.

Ignus is as she has always been. When flame first filled the elemental plane of fire and life there-in first formed the Elemental Lords. In a place where this plane met the quasi-elemental plane of positive energy and the prime material plane for only a moment she came into being. Draped in red-gold colored fires, flames her eyes, fire her hair. The light from within her mouth so bright as to be like a pit into the forge from which all life came.

She is short by most standard, being only four feet and seven inches tall, hardly over a meter. Her slim frame is defined, but not overtly muscular. Her shoulders slightly broad but almost unnoticeably so. She can be seen to be carrying what appears to be a light hammer on a long haft, much as though the hammer’s head had been affixed to a staff. It’s entirety is composed of Cast Iron. She has short but sharp nails as one might expect to find on some primordial beast, The red-gold wreath of flame that adorns the crown of her head falls down around her shoulders in an almost paradoxical manner as fire should of course logically flow in the opposite direction.

Caring, passionate, and fearless are the best words to describe her personality. When she acts she acts without reservation, when she see’s an issue, she most often makes her choices quickly with a self-assured manner that most would think of as foolish.

All things decay, all things are damaged, but all things may also be repaired, or healed. Renewed. A cracked hammer, a pot, an injured limb. The fire of life and the flames of creation make way for the creation of greater things, and the betterment of those things which are damaged.

Ignus, The Eternal Flame

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