Neutral Ground

Neutral Ground

Neutral Ground may refer to the Moon, the City or the Dream.

The Moon

The Moon is a celestial body orbiting Zalsaram. It is made of Bismuth. Yhrzallus elevated it from Demiourgia in Zalsaram’s back when Purity threatened to take over the whole continent. At it’s core resides Eucle’s material body, from when he was a demigod and could be on the Material. It’s outer canopy protects the moon from all kinds of attacks absorving energy thrown at it and turning it into power for the City, it also blocks teleportation and divination. Recently Moongrels revering the Mother and her stars have bound their power in strong engines within it.

The City

Originally founded by Oxid (the eldest Wealth Dragon) Neutral Ground now rests on the Moon. The city has taken all over the bismuth’s surface. Neutral Ground is mostly made of Dream Trees interconnected forming large and prideful structures. Neutral Ground is watered by Dream Water from Mezzethera’s sea, Quintessence and Ethanol. Neutral Ground’s other features and terrains are fit to Eucle’s whims since he controls it through Gramarie.

The Dream

(more to come)

Neutral Ground

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