Imolen, The Plane of Fire

The Plane of Fire,

as created by Ignus in the second divine month.

This plane is in truth a series of seven planes split into infinities, each resembling the prime material plane known only as ‘The World’, as it was near the time of conception.

It connects to The World directly in only one place, not by portal but by a physical inter-planar bridge.

Not only is it another plane reachable by this ‘portal’ but it is also a place that exists all around you, wherever you happen to be, at any given time. Since it co-inhabits the same place, but is at the same time, a different world.

Each layer of this transitive inner plane becomes more aggressive until you reach it’s core at the seventh layer. Beginning with circumstances any living thing could survive, and ending in a cacophony of constant noise. Fire eating fire, and being extinguished by yet other flames as they burn and consume each other in an eternal struggle.

Sounds much like life, no?

The Plane of Fire (Transitive)

Planar Traits Transitive, Inner (Fire) Coterminous Coexistent
Entrance/Exit Location The Blasted Lands, First Floor of the Temple of Ignus.
Elemental and Alignment Traits Good, Fire, Positive (Minor)
Time Timeless: Beings here do not need to eat, or drink, and do not age. They may still feel hunger or thirst, they may still get tired. Time otherwise continues to flow normally.
Physical Traits Nominal Gravity: Gravity is whatever is best for the individual. On an individual basis.
Self Contained Each layer of this plane is a cube..
Infinite There is no end inwards or outwards. Two tunnels next to each other will never meet again.
Alterable Morphic These planes are capable of being altered or editted by hand or will. Even mortals are capable of shaping and creating, if not to the same degree as a god.
Layered Plane *see the next four lines.
Layer 1 & 2 Prime Material. Positive Dominant (Minor)
Layer 3 & 4 No water. Positive Dominant (Minor), Fire Aspected
Layer 5 & 6 No shadows, or coolness, no cold spots. Fire Dominant, Positive Dominant (Minor)
Layer 7 Perfect Fire, Deepfire. Truefire. The fire that burns other flames. Fire Dominant

Imolen, The Plane of Fire

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