Genesis: The Half-Giants were created by the Goddess Hemeliosa in a land of ice and snow. The land it’s self is barely inhabitable, yet these hardy individuals thrive. They were born from the motley groups that fled oppression or danger in the southern areas. In the North they found Hemeliosa. She gave them a gift of formidable strength and toughness. The Runes also became theirs, though how this came to be is a mystery. It is thought that one of their number had a vision while lying near death whilst the newly made people were still learning to struggle in the extreme environment.

Personality: Half-Giant personalities tend to vary as greatly as the multitudes of races they make up. Though, due to the nature of their maker, and the requirements for living in such a place, Courage and Honor are the primary traits of these larger than life people.

Appearance: A half Giant has the same degree and range of coloration as it’s non-Half-Giant counterpart. Though they tend towards the paler shades. They are generally more muscular, broader, and sturdier in build than their more mundane cousins as well.

All Characteristics of the character are as the base race except as follows:

Type: In addition to the character’s base type it gains the additional type: Giant

Attribute Modifiers: +4 Strength, +2 Constitution

Bigger: A Half-Giant counts as one size category larger whenever it would be beneficial.

Hardy: Half-Giants move normally regardless of encumbrance, and take no penalties for carrying a medium or heavy load. They are treated as a normal member of their race would if carrying a heavy load when carrying a maximum load. (Max load = normal heavy load penalties.) They also gain a +4 bonus to all constitution checks for tests of endurance such as fatigue or simple sleepiness.

Cold Acclimated: Half-Giants take no penalties from the cold or exposure to the cold.

Cold Resistance: 5

Altitude Acclimated: Due to the extremely mountainous nature of their homeland, Half-Giants take no penalties from high altitude. Half-Giants can hold their breath for twice as long as normal.

Level Adjustment +1


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