Elementals are the primal representatives of the natural confluences of energy.

Air Elementals.

Earth Elementals.

Fire Elementals.

Water Elementals.

Elementals share the following common traits:

  • Eternal: Similar to immortality, but capable of physical death due to damage. Elementals age, and grow stronger as they get older.
  • Immunity to Spells: Elementals are immune to any spells that target humanoids.
  • Immunity to Spells: Elementals are immune to any spells or abilities that cause status effects (i.e: Sleep, Paralysis, Level/ability damage/Drain, Sickness, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Fear, etc.).
  • Immunity to: Disease, Poison, Attribute Damage/Drain, Level Drain/Loss, Fear, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Paralysis, Sleep, and Mind Effecting spells and abilities.
  • Outsider: When Elementals die, rather than their soul traveling on to the afterlife, they are instead re-incorporated into nature, and reborn elsewhere. This ability functions similarly to Reincarnation, except that the creature begins again from birth, with no memory or experience.
  • Hit Dice: All Elementals have a D12 Hit Die.


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