Physical Description: The Craast can vary widly depending on what they’ve assimilated, and whatever direction they chose to grow towards. Mostly, they are arachnid and reptilian, with exoskeletons that use scales made of stone and iron.

-2 Charisma, +2 Any other Attribute

Craast vary wildly. One thing among them is universal however, they all have personalities that are hard to deal with, and rather ugly. Their choice of enhanced attribute reflects what mutated traits the Craast will have. More muscles, or harder carapace? Accelerated though process, or extreme control over movement?

Craast have base land speed of 30 feet

Natural Armor and Weapons:Craast CANNOT wear armor of any kind. They gain NaturaL Armor equal to their CON modifier. Craast can grow biologically ANY armor that offers AC equal to our less than their level, in a process that takes raw material (stone and iron) equal to twice the armor cost, and takes 1 day per AC bonus. Costly yes, but they do not suffer any penalty whatsoever from the armor

Further, they can make their natural armor magic, by “eating” a magic armor and assimilating its powers. Their armor can have a equivalent magic bonus of half their level (+1 at 2nd level, +2 at 4th and so on)

They CAN use weapons, but can create their own through the same process

  • Assimilate: A Craast may spend one of his feats, to assimilate and mutate, using a killed being as basis. They may gain an Extraordinary Ability that the creature possessed (some Spell-like and Supernatural abilities may be assimilated, into Extraordinary ones, if the GM wishes). They may also upgrade the ability received from their “Advanced Strain” without paying a feat, upon finding a creature with a better version, as long as that creature did not have more DV than the Craast has levels
  • Advanced Strain: Craast PCs spawn with certain selected genes that allow them aptitude, obtaining the following benefits
  • Craast may choose one skill to be considered a Class skill
  • Darkvision up to 60 feet

And they gain one of the following powers

  • Burrow: Burrow speed, at 15 feet
  • Flight: Flight speed, 15 feet, with Poor maneuverability
  • Poison: Causing 1d4 damage. This coats any natural weapon they generate, or can coat a mundane one as a move action
  • Strong legs: Increase base land speed to 40 feet. Also, count as quadrupede for weight carrying purposes
  • Favored Class:Warrior. The Craast assimilate, and are born to fighting. But they are not bestial, no, they have intellect that guides them towards discipline


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