The Sorceror-King of Insanity



Played By MetaKnightFan
Divine Rank 6 – Lesser God
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol 4 triangles of impossible geometry positioned in a cross shape.
Favoured Weapon Cane and Tome


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Madness (Secrets)
Other Domains Moon (Changes)

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|6|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|{C} Between the lines of Order, lies Chaos. Unspoken chants, unheard whispers, things of a time that never was. The words wither away at the spirit and mind of the unprepared, plunging those who cannot grasp it into the pits of insanity.

{D} A truth and a lie, all at once. An idea inconcievable, a paradox. Sometimes, even order can be unwoven, or chaos be given insight. To the mind of the one who understands that which has no concept, who gives reason to that which has no meaning, sometimes harm and destruction become relative around him.

{A} A boon from madness is perhaps a curse. Or perhaps curses have always been misinterpreted boons. Sometimes secrets are meant to be shared, and there are those deserving of not knowing that they know more than they think they know. And that not knowing becomes some knowledge. And knowledge, well, is power. Even when it isn’t.

{O} Power. Raw, Unrestrained. To have invoked the wrath within Madness is to wish oblivion. For you stared at the abyss and now the abyss is staring right back at you.


Yhr’zallus sometimes is interpreted as an old man with a long hood shadowing his appearance, with just a long silvery pale beard falling down from his robes and featuring a large chained necklace with his own symbol, its weight pressing his figure down into a hunched position, as the only thing holding up the Sorcerer-King is his sturdy cane, rumored to have great secrets too dangerous to be known hidden within its rings, were the item to be cut apart. In this rendition, he also carries a large dusty tome of empty pages. Some claim that the contents are not read, nor understood, but rather felt, imagined, smelled, sometimes heard, sometimes all at once.

However, it is not the only interpretation given to Yhr’zallus. Though countless span many a hidden book, there are two others that are popular amongst the followers of the sorceror king. There are those who describe their god as a young maiden, beautiful beyond belief, though the closer one draws to her, the more the form stops making sense. There are those who claim one could witness all emotions at once in her expression, or that the eyes led into a neverending abyss, though those would be the basest of incomprehensible notions about this interpretation of the god.

And lastly, to some, Yhr’zallus is not capable of being. Some say that the Sorceror King learned how to not be, and yet be, and the closest words to describe the god in mortal eyes would be a sensation, a presence…something that is there, but also isn’t. The pranks the mind plays on itself. A sudden itch inside your body you can’t scratch, a twitch in your eye, an unexplained curiosity…that would be the manifestation of Yhr’zallus itself.


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