The Maw that Must Be, the Suffocating Tide, the Vile Ichor, the Putrid Unraveler, the Mindless One



Played By CrypticOcean
Divine Rank 6 – Lesser God
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A pillar of tentacles holding up an orb of nothingness.
Favoured Weapon Acidic tentacles and dissolution.


Legacy Domain Elements
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Slime(Subsumation/Absorption)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|9 (6 DR+2 DCM+1 Caster Paradigm)|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
{H} (Destruction Domain) Inevitable Disorder: Order and time breeds entropy, and cannot sustain itself for long. In its moments of clarity, Soth’mog visits this concentrated Chaos upon that which deludes itself into being inevitable with that which is truly unavoidable.
{C} Mindless Unbinding: Even the mad flailing of the Vile Ichor can corrode and consume godflesh, tearing apart the fundamental threads that bind it together leaving only putrid, inert remains.
{C} Consume, Consume, Consume: All are composed of the same matter, and all matter shall become Soth’mog. As a tide of consuming ooze washes over all, all shall find their origin in the primordial sludge.
{D} Incomprehensible Form: Soth’mog’s body is a roiling chaos of annihilating slime, wreathed in a halo of entropy and destruction. Direct attack rarely perturbs Soth’mog, and retribution is swift and final.


Description: Soth’mog is the churning Chaos from which all matter is drawn. Its body contains the building blocks to all matter, organic and inorganic alike, and as such it is also quite adept at unmaking the bonds which hold such matter together. Even seemingly intangible forces like magick are part of the roiling chaos that is Soth’mog. Normal mortal eyes cannot comprehend Soth’mog’s form, and a simple glance can drive them irrevocably mad. Tentacles, cascades of energy, and cold, glowing eyes all dot the boundless surface of the deity. Its shape and form are constantly shifting, but regardless of its form, all that it comes into contact with is broken down into their most base materials, and absorbed into its sickening body. The form most commonly associated with it is that of a gigantic greenish-black tower of tentacles emerging from a black sea of ooze. Glowing sickly green eyes are present on the outside of each tentacle, and gripped tightly at its apex is a still, eerie black sphere. Protrusions upon the base of the tentacles give the impression of a sharply toothed maw that twitches when it speaks, although in no way that even gives the impression that it could possibly be using this ‘mouth’ to form words.

Soth’mog is less of a god that is worshipped and more of a harbinger that is appeased, aside from the mad few who invite its supposedly inevitable absorption of all. Due to the chaotic nature of Soth’mog’s composition, the god hovers between moments of intense clarity, where its understanding of the cosmos allows it to enact terrifying plots, and utter madness, in which it flails mindlessly at the universe in an attempt to subsume it back into itself. During these moments of clarity, Soth’mog seeks to unmake civilization and return the world back to its state of primal chaos, freeing up the vast amounts of energy used to create order. To what ends it seeks to use this energy are largely unknown, save that it somehow seeks to channel these energies into itself and the World. Much to Soth’mog’s frustration, his scheming mind is often pushed back into the subconscious of the more dominant, incomprehensible mind. Yet, at times, the seemingly meaningless ramblings of the mindless facet of Soth’mog has something of a prophetic insight that the more scheming mind does not have access to.

Regardless of which mind is in control, however, Soth’mog’s methods remain largely the same. Dissolve and absorb.


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