The Shepherd

Nature God of the Cycle of Life.



Played By bryn0528
Divine Rank 6 – Lesser Deity
Alignment True Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol Shepherd’s crook, sometimes an animal skull.
Favoured Weapon A staff or a cudgel.


Legacy Domain Elements
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Animal (Cycle of Life)
Other Domains N/A

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Caster (Spell Pool: 18)
Combat Rating 6
Divine Combat Modifiers: {H} (Striker Paradigm) He Who Stones the Wolf, to defend the flock from the hunger of those who hunt from shadow.
{O} He Who Culls the Herd, with a long, sharp knife carved from the bones of the honored dead.
{D} He Who Breaks Chains, to protect the weak from the harm of those who stand upon the backs of men.
{A} He Who Offers a Branch of Olive, to those who deserve not to die on this day so that they might strike the tyrannical.

The image of the Shepherd is mysterious and ill-defined. His worship is that of the cult, and the stories of his appearance vary from people to people. Some say he wears a crown of antlers or branches upon his brow, and sometimes he wears the skull of an animal as a mask. For those of the flock to have glimpsed upon his visage, some common truths hold; the Shpeherd is a man of explicit age with skin more twisted and gnarled than the bark of any tree. He is cloaked in a long, draping robe, but sometimes it is dull purple and other times it is little more than rags; a handful even claim to have seen it stained with sacrificial blood. His feet and hands are always bare, but usually wreathed with heavy bracelets of wood, bone, teeth, and fur. Sometimes he wears a similar necklace, which can be adorned with pottery shards which runic bear inscriptions. His finger and toenails are often long, dirty, or otherwise clawlike. He carries a signature staff, which is sometimes more of a branch, and capable of being made from numerous kinds of wood.

The Shepherd is a primordial nature deity which balances life and death. In his belief, all things die to feed the young. The Shepherd also follows a philosophy of “waste not, want not” and will serve as the patron of the world’s scavengers. Most of his functions have a dual nature; in one aspect he is a god of the wilderness, but at the same time a figurehead of animal husbandry (man excising control over nature). Even his worship is divided into jovial rites of fertility to the somber processions of ritualized sacrifice.

The Shepherd

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