Nature God of Plant Growth.



Played By Toxic Mind
Divine Rank 9 – Lesser Diety
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol Two Vines twined around a stone tower, crushing it.
Favoured Weapon Thorned vines


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Plant (Growth)
Other Domains Life (Nature)

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Warrior
Combat Rating 8 (5 Base + 2 Warrior + 1 DCM)
Divine Combat Modifiers: {C}: Living Weapon: His body is a weapon, adapting to any challenge
{O}: Thorn’s Embrace: Implements of death are never far from Nature.
{D}: Endless Tide: Constant reconstruction, constant life.

Pernieth is a being of pure nature. His time and existence is spent towards furthering the natural, growing world. A civilization out of tune, out of harmony, with nature is an abomination to him. Pernieth is a massive being, his skin bark, his hands vines, every part of him a testament to growing things. His nature is volatility, but to those who honor his ideals, he is a gentle and caring being and a protector.


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