The Scorned Queen



Played By Shmee
Divine Rank 5 Demi-God
Alignment Lawful Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol An Icy Hand, Reaching for a Broken Heart.
Favoured Weapon Scourge


Legacy Domain Elemental
Alignment Domain Evil
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Winter (Ice)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|7.5 (Without DCMs)|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{C} Icy Disposition: By harnessing the overwhelming cruelty of Winter, pity and mercy are alien concepts to one as cold as Kryokoli.
{H} Bane of the Righteous: Evil will always triumph because Good is dumb.


Born to Ignus as originally the goddess of Summer, Kryokoli was the apple of her Mother’s eye. Beautiful and carefree, her tender caress was to herald an age of plenty and prosperity upon the Playground. Alas, all changed when one day the goddess’ heart was stolen by Grenzo in a prank gone wrong.

Upon losing her heart, Kryokoli’s cheerful disposition changed and her view of the world had been fundamentally altered. No longer cheerful and caring, the goddess of Summer had lost her color and began to turn cold towards all, a coldness which began to physically manifest itself as the goddess would now freeze everything around her. But what was worst was her cruelty, with a complete disdain for all living creatures, who were nothing more than pawns for her to use and dispose as she sees fit. The goddess of Summer had now become a perversion of everything she once stood for.

It was this perversion that would eventually bring Kryokoli into a direct confrontation with Ignus, who would no longer tolerate her cruelty, and it was during this confrontation that Kryokoli would gain an eternal hatred for everything her Mother ever stood for. Separating herself from her family, Kryokoli now seeks to spread her malice throughout the Playground, and those who stand in her way shall be swept beneath the avalanche which is the goddess of Winter.

Appearance-wise, Kryokoli takes the form of a stunningly beautiful Ice Genasi, although to touch her flesh would be to touch the coldest of ice. The only imperfection that can be found on her is the scar from which her heart was once removed. Having lost all the innocence and modesty she possessed when she was the goddess of Spring/Summer, Kryokoli shamelessly flaunts her beauty, using it as a tool to gain what she desires. When not in the midst of battle, Kryokoli only wears a mantle of snow to cover what little of her modesty remains. A mantle so cold that not even the piercing gaze of Oussia could penetrate.


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