The Loving One



Played By smashingBrawler
Divine Rank 4 – Demi-god
Alignment Neutral Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol At least two figures holding hands, some may use more than two.
Favoured Weapon Two Bladed Sword


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Charity (Love)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|4|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{A} Love is a Helping Hand – The love of Kealoharen aids and supports their allies.
{A} Love Protects – The love of Kealoharen defends their allies.
{A} Love Empowers – The love of Kealoharen strengths their allies.



Kealoharen believes that all who exist are worth loving, and that there can be love within all things. Kealoharen teaches kindness, softness, and aiding others as much as possible. Kealoharen teaches that all things deserve to be loved, to love, to receive help, and to be treated with kindness and love. Kealoharen believes judging others for what they love to be wrong, and yet paradoxically believes that harm and hatred are wrong, even if those are what someone loves. Kealoharen teaches that hatred is an antithesis of love, and that love should never come at the cost of another. To Kealoharen, suffering is the antithesis of love, and those who revel in suffering are misguided and lost.

Appearance Description
Kealoharen’s basic form is a large soft-appearing white humanoid figure with solid black eyes, but this form is rarely if ever taken. Instead, Kealoharen will almost always take on a form relating to what they expect to be the most comfortable for others around them.


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