Passaer, The Labored Breath

God of Air



Played By Alber
Titles The Labored Breath
Divine Rank 10 – Lesser God
Alignment Neutral Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A piece of obsidian glass with an open eye carved into it
Favoured Weapon Garrote


Legacy Domain Elemental
Alignment Domain Evil
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Air (Breath)
Other Domains Suffering (Burden)

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Divinity
Combat Rating 8 (10 DR + 3 Divinity + 3 DCM)
Divine Combat Modifiers: {A} Inhale of Will: With a terrible roar Passaer takes a deep breath, not only inhaling objects but also the strength and will of those effected by it.
{A} Exhale of Despair: With a soft sigh Passaer emits a poisonous cloud of corrupted thoughts at a victim, afflicting them with the collective burden of all mortal souls combined.
{D} Stagnant Air: The thick fumes constantly emanating from Passaer seep into and take advantage of any conceivable wound, orifice, or weak point, causing great pain within them and making it difficult even for gods to get close to him.
{D} Weight of the World: Passaer’s massive bulk is a challenge for any to attempt to heft or manipulate.
{D} Concealing Fog: The mists surrounding Passaer can easily be thickened into an effective visual impairment, and he is able to maneuver with surprising speed out of the way of potential attacks while within the protective cloud

Brief Description Every breath a mortal takes is a reminder of their own impermanence and of of the reality they exist in. Passaer exerts his influence on the forms of these creatures; aching the wounds of the injured, whispering into the ears of the mad, and filling the weary with despair. Those who embrace these truths of existence and Breathe deeply of his stagnant miasma are granted his gifts. In contrast to his bleak purview, Passaer himself is actually rather upbeat, taking on a very personable tone when speaking to gods and mortals alike. Even as he pressures a mortal’s physical form to break and bend, he whispers to them with promises of reprieve, that all they need to is push through their suffering and that just on the other side is a freedom from all of it.

Passaer, The Labored Breath

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